Wednesday, December 17, 2008

CNN's Bad News of the Morning

I try to catch the CNN online headlines before I start working in the morning. This morning, I learned two tragic stories: One about a small child who strangled to death in his seatbelt as his mother frantically tried to free him while calling 911. (An officer managed to cut the seatbelt in time to get a pulse back, but the baby is gone.) Pray for that poor mother! I cannot even imagine what she is going through, and will be going through for the rest of her days.

And then there was the story of a sweet little baby boy who was legally adopted by a Utah couple, only to be, again legally, removed from their home and sent to foster care because he has Native American blood and the tribe wanted him back. He does not have enough Native American blood to actually join the tribe, but he has enough that the tribe can remove him from a non-Native American home and send him, not to his birth mother, but into foster care! What is this world coming to? Even though the tribe has the right, why on earth did the tribal lawyers pursue the case? On principle alone, I imagine, maybe so as not to create a precedent. This is why in my prayers I pray that our legal system will change to seek justice, truth and light, not just winning. Pray that justice, truth and light will win in this one, for the sake of that little boy and his family.

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