Thursday, December 04, 2008

Praise report.

I don't like that phrase, but I have to report this, and it's a praise. So, praise report it is.

Barry called from work with more bad news about his job. Nothing definite but just more bad stuff in the offing. My supervisor had left it to me to call her about switching to full time, and he said I'd better do it. So I called her. And that wonderful woman is going to do all she can to make sure I can get full-time work. This is a terrible time to be asking; in the MT business, December and the first half of January are usually very hard months when the work load slows way down and it's hard to keep the staff busy. And you can't lay people off because come about January 18th all h*ll breaks loose again and you need them all. So this was not a convenient thing for me to ask. But she will try to help see that I get enough work, and she gave me strategies for dealing with it if I do not.

Benefits won't start for 3 months, but maybe Barry's job will last that long. If nothing else, maybe we can pay for COBRA coverage between the end of his job and the beginning of insurance under my job.

Now I just have to get to work.

Oh, and the Council did not seem sad to see me go at all. Ha!


Catherine said...

Good for you. I hope it all works out for you and your husband. You deserve it!

Amrita said...

I am glad you got full itme work. Pray your husband also finds employment.Its the same story everywhere.

I made pita bread and pizza with the yeast you sent me. I will post pictures of those.

Mrs. Mac said...

I pray that you get all the hours you can and that Barry's job can hang on at least 'til mid January or beyond. Hugs dear friend.