Friday, December 12, 2008

College Acceptance Letters are Pouring In

Well, one did, anyway. It poured in just this afternoon, in fact. To the University of Iowa. And they said right on the letter that she can go into the nursing school. Now that is a huge plus because many places won't let you know if you're going to be accepted to their school of nursing till you get your freshman year out of the way.

Now we just need a nice fat financial aid package to go along with it. :o)

By the way, the Army Reserves recruiter came over a couple of nights ago and talked with us about the Reserves. If it were me making the decision, I would have signed up on the spot! Good thing it's not my decision. Or not exclusively my decision. Miss B says I have been brainwashed by the Army. Incidentally, I couldn't take my eyes off the patch on the sergeant's right arm: A shield with a black horse head on it. I kept wondering if it could be the Black Horse Cav, the only thing I know about which I learned from reading Tom Clancy novels, and indeed, it turns out I was right.

Anyway, this is a huge relief. Miss B was starting to get a complex because she had not heard and had not heard anything and her friends were all getting multiple acceptances. She has not gotten any rejection letters, either, so we kept telling her not to worry, just to make sure she had submitted everything she needed to.

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PakAmeristanican said...

a) Congratulations to Miss B!
b) It's not at all my decision, but once you're in the Army (even if it is the Reserves), you commit to taking part in military action if called on to do so, whatever your beliefs about the justice of the war. Trusting any politician that much has always been more than I could convince myself to do. And over the past ten years, I'm very glad I didn't allow myself to be convinced, although I know there are plenty of people who genuinely believe in the wars the US is currently conducting. For the record, I am also a sucker for a uniform, and a part of me is all caught up in the romance of "we protect the country" etc., so not allowing myself to get carried away is always a challenge.

amusli: adverb, meaning with one's hair mussed, as in: "She amusli ran from the kitchen to answer the doorbell."