Saturday, December 06, 2008

Lil Miss A's Gingerbread House

Lil Miss A and I drove to Waukon so she could participate in this morning's annual gingerbread house decorating activity for schoolchildren in the area, sponsored by Kitchen Krafts. Here she is, back home, just before she started eating her gingerbread house.

While she was decorating her house, I got groceries, filled up the car ($1.559 a gallon!) and bought chicken feed and window washer fluid at the feed store.

Driving was a bit scary but we were fine, especially with 100 pounds of chicken feed in the trunk on the way home to keep us on the road!

Once back in New Albin, we stopped by the annual Karen Lee and Daughters Holiday Craft Sale. I bought a handcrafted graduation card for Miss B (Lil Miss A picked it out), a plate of cookies (also selected by Lil Miss A, naturally) and a video transfer DVD produced by Errin Wilker of some old movie film of New Albin in the 1930s, coupled with some video of Shooky Fink Days during the 1990s. I have not looked at it yet.

Finally, back home, I opened the mail and found this neat postcard of St. Peter's when it was known as the German Evangelical church. (Some of the old timers in town still just call St. Peter's "the German church." This is the same site as the brick building built in the 1950s. I wonder why the lot was fenced? The postcard is not in the greatest shape, as it was torn out of an album (there is black paper residue on the back), but what a nice shot of our church! I bought this on eBay. The seller stated he could see part of what he thought was a 1907 postmark. I am not seeing it. But it's old. It's a RPPC. Great to add to the collection.


Mrs. Mac said...

We recently watch a series on the history channel about the German settlers in the midwest. Are you the town historian?

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

No, Errin Wilker is, and she doesn't even live here anymore. :o) She's the one who put together that neat DVD (which I did get to watch later this afternoon).

Ollie said...

I can't get over how adorable A is in her glasses! she's going to be a beautiful woman one day. And that post card is so cool! I think I've taken after my aunt with her love of all things with a past. The dvd is awesome, isn't it? My Great-great grandpa is in it, so I had to watch it just for that!