Saturday, December 06, 2008

Look What Barry's Working On Today


First he glued down cement board to the plywood.

Next he worked on the layout of the tile and all those bitty little spacers.

Now he's chopping billions of little tiles in half for all the edges. He's about to run amok with that tile chopper thingie there.

He muttered something about how this countertop was not going to be worth all the work to anyone except me, that when we sell the house the first thing people will probably do is rip out those countertops and get something more modern. I keep telling him, I am NEVER selling this house.



Mrs. Mac said...

He must be a patient man AND love you very much ;)

Connie said...

With a kitchen like that, how could anyone possibly consider selling that house ever? Please. It's where your grandchildren will come and marvel at the cool red kitchen.

Ollie said...

Those counters are going to look amazing! Your kitchen suits you just perfect, Maria.

Tina said...

I googled "jadeite paint color" your site I clicked on~ so glad I did...I love your Patina Verdigris~ We are going to paint our front door a "jadeite" color. I love your kitchen!! Going back to view more!!
Tina~ Cherry Hill Cottage...