Monday, June 02, 2008

The Big Hole Is Going Away

I have never mentioned this giant hole that we have in our town. It's kind of embarrassing, actually. We have a site just off the main square of town that used to be a big building, once a hotel, then hospital, then an apartment building (I may have the order wrong), then burned down and for years now has been just a big empty concrete basement, open to the elements. A hole containing trash, the occasional wayward child or lost housepet. Someone had strung a loop of orange snow fencing around it which basically just drew attention to it without making it any safer.

Anyway, I was shocked to see that the current owner has contractors (the marvelous Frog and Wonder*) building something on it! I had to post pictures, to prove it to myself, if nothing else.

And last we have this picture of Lil Miss A riding her bike down the alleyway.

* Their real names are Dale and Steve. Now if you had been known as "Frog" and "Wonder" from babyhood, in the long tradition of New Albin nicknames that stick for life, wouldn't you think of a better name for your construction company than "New Albin Construction"? I keep trying to convince them that Wonderfrog would be a better name.

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