Monday, June 30, 2008

Some of the family quilts

We visited with some of the family quilts last week, and I took photos of some of them. Below is one pieced in red and white by Mary Ann Duffner Burger, my mother's paternal grandmother, given as a gift to her daughter-in-law Frances Burger as a top and eventually quilted by Frances. It's beautiful, fresh and bright.

Next is my father's baby quilt dating to the 1920s (he was born in 1927). He called it his Bunny Quilt. It's so cute and threadbare. Each appliqueed bunny has a pompom for a tail, except for a few that are missing. I'm sure someone would scream about choking hazards were one to put pompoms on a baby quilt these days. My dad loved his Bunny Quilt!

Next we have a stuff-as-you-go quilt made by Frances Burger and my mom. The fabrics are the real thing, the feedsack prints people love to reproduce these days.

Here is a wholecloth baby quilt my grandma (Frances) made for either my brother or my sister. She made two and one is marked as my sister's. Just cute fabric and sturdy machine quilting in the allover ocean waves design she used so often.

I have a couple more that I'll post another day.


Nicole said...

Your family quilts are a treasure! It is easy to see how you became a quilter yourself, with such inspiration. The bunny quilt reminds me of one I made for my daughter when she was an infant. Mine just had one gigantic white bunny on pink gingham, with appliques eyes and a carrot etc. It was her favorite object, and in time, the white bunny had worn right through to the background fabric!

Aaron said...

Wow, I remember just about all of these. The red-and-white was on a bed in yours and Laura's room for a while, I recall. And the baby quilts saw much service as "tents."