Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rioting and Looting in the Iowa Floods

A Sitemeter check revealed that someone found my blog by searching "iowa looting." Intrigued, I followed the link to see what came up. It turned out to be mostly discussion of how there wasn't any looting, or very little, and why that might be. (I did see a news report of a couple of teens that were arrested for looting empty apartments. Glad they were caught.)

One message board * posted this informational poster on the subject:

Rioting is scheduled following the covered dish dinner on the church grounds.

Casual attire is recommended for the Rioting Event.
Rioting Event Participants are encouraged to register
no later than noon, and to pick up their
free packet on Rioting Safety from the
Local Chamber of Commerce.
It includes a 4 oz sample of sunscreen and
"I Rioted the Iowa Flood" bumper sticker.

First Aid stations will be located every 50 ft within the
Rioting Event area, manned by local Explorer Scouts.

Help make the Iowa Flood Riots a memorable event.

For those Iowans unfamiliar with Rioting Events,
suggested activities include:

  • Noisemaking
  • Waving Things in the Air
  • Throwing Things
  • The Stringing of Toilet Paper from Trees
  • Spray-Painting of Slogans
  • Chanting of Slogans

Suggested slogans:

  • God Bless America!
  • We Support Our Troops!
  • Thank You, National Guard!
Remember, a successful riot is a spontaneous riot,
so do come prepared for this event

-- The Iowa Interfaith Council on Safe Rioting
a non-taxpayer funded community volunteer group

* The views expressed on that message board are those of the posters, and this quote implies no blanket endorsement of everything said there. I am not a member of the NRA, for example.

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