Thursday, June 12, 2008

Still Here

And feeling more and more blessed the more we watch the news. We have power, we have clean water, we can get to our jobs and we know where our children are. Not all Midwesterners can say the same. I'm praying!

Oh, and one more thing: I am officially a Bad Daughter. For some reason I got mixed up on my weekends and didn't mail Father's Day gifts in time! My dad's might still make it if I get it out tomorrow but it's not for certain. My father-in-law's has no chance whatsoever in getting to him. Well, unless I overnight it. I'll have to check how that could be done. Trouble is, it's something HEAVY. And I was going to send some books along for my mother-in-law who is at home recovering from major surgery and could use some distraction.

Grrr. Bad daughter. Bad, bad, bad!


Catherine said...

Terrific Blog. Love your aprons. My prayers are with you and all the people in Iowa.

Shallowsister said...

Well, this way they'll have something exciting to open later in the week when nothing is expected. My Wednesday mail us usually boring; maybe theirs is too. Mom always comforts me by being excited about late cards and gifts saying she likes hers spread out.

So glad you're okay; we've sure been praying and watching the radar...

Bex said...

Do you ever, or would you be interested in repairing a couple quilts? My grandmother made them 40+ years ago and they have been in possession of a family member who didn't take care of them. I just got them back and would like to try to get them fixed so the damage doesn't become worse. They'll never be able to be repaired to original, I know, but I'd like it to not become worse. You're the first person I thought of and know I could trust them in your hands. You can email me at even if you don't want to take it on. Much appreciated! Thanks!