Monday, June 09, 2008

A Reprieve

We woke up to the strange sight of a sky that didn't have water falling out of it. The forecast for the day is a very nice day, partly cloudy and in the 70s. Tomorrow the storms are to start again, but we get a breather today.

I understand the Governor is heading up to our county (he'll probably go to Postville, not here, because Postville makes all the news, for various reasons). I hope he authorizes a whacking pile of aid because a lot of our farmers have had their crops washed right away this weekend. We had a late planting this spring anyway, because of the Winter that Wouldn't End, and they were already nervous about this growing season. And now this.

Barry saw a dead deer tumbling down Winnebago Creek yesterday, and hundreds of moles, bunnies, snakes and mice racing ahead of the flood. I'm sure it has been hard on a lot of animals, both domestic and wild. I worry about the baby birds in the nests; how their parents kept them from drowning in such a sustained onslaught of rain, I don't know.

My plans for the day are to get a lot of laundry dried out on the clothesline (everything got wet, it seems, what with an EMT running into the house for quick dry-clothes changes and the fact that we were using a lot of towels to soak up puddles in the basement), to make sure Master K makes it to his trombone lesson, and to do about 1200 lines (Mondays and Fridays are now my big-push days, as I can get paid more for work done on those two days if I meet certain requirements).

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Nan said...

I'm glad you had somewhat of a reprieve in the weather. How sad about the animals. I always wonder how they survive huge storms - I'm sure many of them don't.