Friday, June 13, 2008

Finished by Friday: Front Porch Sewing Room

I'm declaring this project finished, even though I'm actually only nearly done. I'm waiting on a couple of things I have to pick up at Wal-Mart -- some storage boxes and a power bar.

Allow me to present --

-- our front porch sewing area! Looking at these pictures, it still looks cluttered, but honestly, I know where everything is. Just ask me. I'll find it for you.

We have two sewing stations set up on my Grandma Root's old kitchen table, with my Pfaff and Miss B's Kenmore side by side.

Beside that, in the corner, is the World's Best Napping Cot --

-- and underneath that, neatly organized and labeled boxes of fabrics.

Over here on the front wall are the old bookshelves from the school auction a year ago this spring. The books are back in boxes so that I can put sewing stuff there.

Top shelf: My button jars, out of their dark lonely storage box to where they can sparkle and entice.
Bottom shelf: The Shelf of Shame, full of unfinished projects. At least they are now out in public where they can mock me until I finish them one by one. They were easy to ignore when I couldn't see them.

Here are those bread boxes I told you about last week, filled with fat quarters and other small pieces of quilting fabrics. Accessible, yet if I close the doors they don't get dusty.

Threads and notions in that little cabinet on the bottom, more fabric in the crate and suitcase. I love old suitcases but they really aren't great for storing fabric simply because you can't see what is inside, so you go buy more of what you already have. Or maybe that's just me.

Finally, I'm starting to put fabric in that Hoosier type cabinet there against the wall. The curtained part on the bottom would be ideal for fabric except

someone else had other plans for it. I gave up and just put an old scrap of soft velour there and it's now a cat storage area.

One thing that I have learned from obsessive reading of Unclutterer and Debt Proof Living is that clutter and too many possessions steal your time. You spend so much time moving them around, searching through them, trying to keep them organized, and so much money in providing the space for them, or worse yet, buying more when you can't find what you already have. This project has driven that lesson home quite nicely. It took a lot of hours to set up this place where Miss B and I could finally use the stuff I had accumulated. I found a lot of duplicates, which means that I re-bought when I didn't know what I had. And I ended up throwing out a lot of things and donating even more to The Way Station. So I really didn't need it, wasn't using it, and I wasted part of my life and my family's in refusing to get rid of it till now.


Lesson learned, I hope. Though it is ongoing.

While I have you here, what do you think I should do with this fabric? It was a gift from my secret weapon, my neighbor who still does hand quilting. She had hung onto it for a long time and never found a use for it, so she passed it on to me. It's a wonderful printed cotton, very soft. There are actually two pieces of about this size. All I can think of is backing to a quilt or pillows. I don't need any more pillows, and I don't make many pink quilts - too frou-frou for my tastes. Any suggestions?

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Shallowsister said...

WOW, I love your sewing room! I don't think I'd ever leave! You did a great job organizing. Fun little nooks of goodies... and the cat storage area, very well thought out. I love the idea of them peaking out of the curtains. "Thanks for the new room, Mom. Love, B&B."

Needled Mom said...

I think the sewing room looks perfect. LOVE the aprons.

That's a lot of fabric. Maybe a good quilt backing??? Maybe a medallion quilt.....or should I say medallion QUILTS???? What was your neighbors plan when she purchased it?

Meg said...

It's perfect. So many photos of sewing rooms look very expensive and done by an interior decorator. Yours looks like a loving quilter and homebody made the ultimate haven for herself (and visitors). I wish I lived close to you...

Catherine said...

Wow! Upon seeing your sewing room, I told my husband he needs to add about six feet to our front porch, also enclosed. I got the look that said "good idea". I love it. Suits your cat quite nicely too!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'd kill for that much light! and I love the aprons, and the bread boxes, and the jars of buttons....just a wonderful room. Congrats on getting it finished! blessings,

Anonymous said...

what an amazing space you have created for yourself. I wish I had the space to do the same. I am marveling at the treasures you have tucked here and there, and the room comes through as very calming. Love it.

Mrs. Mac said...

Great sewing room! Your work has paid off. Miss 'kitty' looks at home in her new found cubbie. What does the reverse of the fabric look like (perhaps muted?) ... how 'bout a tea stain? How bout making some lap blankets for the local retirement home (elderly ladies love floral prints) ...