Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More family pictures

These are my dear dad, Marvin Root, and first my brother at 7 weeks (he looks so cute propped in the corner of the couch there - also please note the groovy midcentury furniture) and then me in my blue coat and hood that I loved. If you think he has sort of a 1960s rocket scientist thing going on there, with the glasses, haircut and those socks, surprise - that's pretty much what he was.

We are making great progress here at my folks' house. I can't quantify how much we have accomplished except to say that the pile of empty boxes is enormous, and it doesn't count all those we have broken down and baled for recycling. I'm going to guess that we have emptied probably 40 boxes and thrown, given away or sorted everything that they contained. We're working toward clear labeling of what is left, so that they know exactly where everything is. It's exhausting but so rewarding.

I'm particularly just enjoying being around my parents for some enforced togetherness. I just keep thinking God for this time with them. Also my husband, for letting me take a week to do this.

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