Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cookie jar and teapot, back together again

I had each of these once before, years ago. They are a cookie jar which went with Diane Mott Davidson's "Tough Cookie," and a teapot that went with "Sticks & Scones," special giveaways that went to independent bookstores that carried the books as new releases. Not many of either were made. Anyway, I had bought mine, brand new, from a bookseller who had been storing his and not using them and got tired of it. They're so cute, I really loved them!

Then Miss B took up the bassoon. As my friend Pakistanamerican says, it's hard to love a rented instrument, and I agree. So we bought Miss B a bassoon. I sold my cookie jar and my teapot as part of the fundraising effort. Together they brought about $250, a good chunk of the funds we needed. I was a little sad, but of course glad to do it for my daughter.

Fast forward a few years: I have been watching for more of these, and they do come up on eBay now and then, but quickly get snapped up. But I nabbed a buy-it-now listing of a whole stack of DMD hardbacks with a bonus teapot that wasn't even mentioned in the title. That one was about $15 plus shipping! And most of the books were also author signed. I swapped out some of the books in my collection for some of the author-signed ones, sold all the extra books, and ended up breaking even on the deal.

Then just last week I saw the cookie jar come up on eBay. I watched all week with bated breath. Surely it would go high once again. But it didn't. I got it for the minimum bid of $19.99 - and I had a free shipping coupon from eBay.

So there they are again, side by side. The teapot is even autographed by DMD on the bottom of it! And at the price I paid for each, I don't feel guilty.

Oh, and guess who isn't even planning on playing her bassoon next year? She dropped out of band (a busy schedule, I do understand, really), and no real interest anymore. Sigh.


Aaron said...

V. reports that her DMD books need teapots to go with them.

trqgzwt: pronounced, "trogwarts." a lo-rent Harry Potter series clone produced by Scholastic Books, in which it really doesn't matter which side you're on, so long as your self-esteem is intact.

Anonymous said...

I have a Tough Cookie Cookie Jar for sale if anyone is interested. It also is for a fundraising effort. Tob ring my PG-13 mystery/comedy to the big screen.