Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dr. Horrible Dress-Up

The children and I took some pictures the other day (back before the week got completely insane).

That's me as Groupie #4, I guess I would be.

That's Lil Miss A as Captain Hammer.

And that's Master K with the Death Ray.

Silly is fun. :o)


Mrs. Mac said...

Before insane, eh? (lol) ... Now I'd faint if someone published a closeup of my head showing my roots ... you must have just had a touch-up (har, har, har ;) sorry ... just couldn't help myself ;) (btw ... my roots are now 3 inches long ;) ... soon I'll be the sliver-foxy-granny.)

Mrs. Mac said...

that's 'SILVER' ... NOT SLIVER .. ;0)