Friday, July 04, 2008

Isn't it cozy?

I came home from my parents' home to find my bedroom looking like this.

Actually I knew all about it, I was just amazed at how much Barry and Master K got done while I was gone. They moved the furniture out of our bedroom, ripped out the ceiling, added new ceiling joists, and were in the process of hanging more drywall when I got home. As of this afternoon, the ceiling is all drywalled and they are working on the walls now, so these photos are out of date.

Our bedroom was the largest room in the house until Barry made the family room in the basement, and the span of the ceiling was way too much for the joists even before there was a fire in the attic (in the 1940s, we think). So the ceiling was very saggy. Now it's not, it's very sturdy and straight! Just the floor sags, now, so when you stand in the middle of the room, the ceiling is higher than it is when you're on the edge of the room. Oh well. It's going to be very nice with all the added insulation.

We're not sure what colors to use, or what to do about the floor. I don't want carpet. I wish we could keep the old flower-printed Congoleum flooring, but it's not in good shape. We're thinking we'll just expose the old wide plank floor, clean it up well and then paint it. I love painted plank floors.

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