Monday, July 14, 2008

Got the house to myself

Long story, but -- Miss B has wanted to go to Noah's Ark, a big water park in the Wisconsin Dells, all summer. She was grounded for a good chunk of the summer so far, but now that she is a Reformed Person, she asked if I would take her, her friend M, and Master K and Lil Miss A to the Dells. She planned out a pretty neat arrangement, where I would provide the wheels, gasoline and chaperonage, and she and the other kids would each pay for their own admission tickets and split the cost of a motel room with wireless Internet so I could still work. The kid's a genius, what can I say?

I was all set to do this today when Barry started feeling left out and said he wanted to go too. What he meant was, "go with you, my lovely wife," but I deliberately misunderstood him to mean, "go instead of you, and allow you, my lovely wife, to stay home and work in a nice quiet house and not miss the New Albin Days planning meeting Monday evening, because I love you." Now don't get me wrong, I think water parks are cool, but not ALL DAY LONG, and not when I don't get paid vacation! I need to work. I want to work. And while I was planning on working at the motel anyway, this will work out much, much better.

So at 7:00 this morning they all hauled out for the Dells, leaving me to a) take a nice hot bath with a book; b) sip my morning coffee slowly and peacefully; c) thaw out what I want to have for supper (which is, liver) without anybody making gross throwing-up noises; d) work in my quiet house with my quiet pets; e) go to the meeting that I was going to miss, which is an important one because New Albin Days is... this week.


Connie said...

My favorite time of the day is the magical time between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. when both my (technically grown) children are at work and I have the house all to myself. It's so lovely and peaceful, and I can be so productive.

Mrs. Mac said...

What a blessed day ... except for the mishaps that Barry ended up dealing with (tooth ... money ... etc.) Better be praying they all come home in one piece. Sometimes hubbies just don't understand how much wives need to be alone in a quiet house. God bless them when they 'get it'!