Friday, July 11, 2008


That's the sound of over 4 inches of hair getting lopped off!

This morning my hair hit critical mass. I stopped by my hairdresser's and asked her if she could squeeze me in for a cut. She said not till Tuesday or Wednesday. I made an appointment, but told her that if she found an opening before then I'd like to move it up, as I was suddenly desperate to get it OFF ME and was liable to start hacking away with my sewing scissors. She called an hour or so later and told me she could squeeze me in.

She told me as she cut my hair that she figured she would be saving herself a lot of trouble to cut my hair today rather than try to fix what I had done to it by next week!

I feel about 20 pounds lighter. It's a cute blunt cut, chin length, with so much swingy motion to it all of a sudden.

My brave friend Mrs. Mac has been growing out her colored hair to show her natural grey. I have not yet collected the guts to try it. I wish there was a way to skip to the all-grey stage, but I don't think anybody has invented anything like that yet!


Connie said...

Well, I skipped to the all gray stage, but you have to be brave, because my hair was approximately 1.5 inches long at it's longest.

Of course, the all gray didn't last; I'm too young and way too vain, so now I'm blonde (but you knew that).

Mrs. Mac said...

wow ... how did I miss a whole weeks worth of posts?? I just had to comment here ... you know me and my big ideas (mouth ;) ... I'm halfway to the finish line growing out my gray hair ... I'm starting to wear clothes that compliment the top half of my head ;) (silvery royal blue, black, gray, hot pink ... colors I wasn't able to wear with my warmer shade. Today being Sunday, I had a hard time living up to my own (new) standard of not working on the Sabbath. My hands were twitching wanting to get out and garden. I did water my plants and planted a few rows of early girl tomatoes, lettuce, carrots. They will probably get just about ready to harvest and ZAP ... frost will hit. This year my garden is just for practice ... cuz I had to find the ideal spot and being that we just built and moved in last year, I wasn't sure where to put it let alone find the time to deer/dog proof anything worthwhile. I really should quit now and write a post on my own blog ... bye (lol)