Monday, July 14, 2008

An Eventful Day at Noah's Ark Water Park

So far in the 3 hours they have been at Noah's Ark Water Park,
  1. Lil Miss A has wiped out on a water slide and chipped one of her teeth (a permanent one, naturally). *
  2. Barry has lost $30 out of his Velcro'ed swimming trunks pocket. **
  3. Miss B has come THAT CLOSE to locking his key in the car - and of course she didn't bring hers along. ***
It's so peaceful here at home. :o)

* Barry went into Instant EMT Mode and started doing an assessment on her. The lifeguard eventually noticed something was going on and ambled over, and when Barry asked if a report should be filed, the lifeguard said, "Naaah," and wandered off. Evidently those "play at your own risk" signs mean, "We don't care one bit what happens to you."

** There are also signs all over the place stating that any money you lose becomes the property of the guys who clean the pool filters, or something like that.

*** I have already used up our insurance company's goodwill by locking MY keys in that same car while I was in Minnesota with my folks.

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