Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Paint!

Barry's painting our bedroom as we speak!

We were trying to convince ourselves that we would be happy with the paint we had bought for a different room and didn't like. But just before he started painting, I asked him if we couldn't just buy new paint and use that other stuff somewhere else. He agreed. We have to spend a lot of hours in that room and if we hate it, bleah, who wants to be there?

So what we have is a deep brown with a purple undertone to it. To me, it looks like leather. It's Van Sickle interior latex and the color number is 339N, if that tells you anything. It's going to make the woodwork and the furniture and the pictures on the walls just pop, plus the quilt I'm going to do with Judy Laquidara's quilt-a-long will look gorgeous in there. I got the idea from my parents' bedroom in their 1957 house, where all the bedrooms are smallish by today's standards. They painted theirs a chocolate brown and suddenly the walls moved back about a foot each. Amazing! The old saw is that light colors make a room look larger, but I think I believe the other old saw, that dark colors make walls recede.

This morning an appraiser visited our house. We're working on refinancing so that we can put in a new furnace and windows, among other things. Otherwise we really are concerned that we won't be able to stay warm this winter. Our oil furnace was working okay, more or less, but our oil supplier had a hard time even getting oil at any price last winter, and he was so worried about this year that he sold his company to somebody else. He cautioned me that there is a very real chance of heating oil simply being unavailable. We're hoping to put in a geothermal system. Anyway, the appraiser turned out to be a very nice man named Mike Morey, who is also mayor of Caledonia, and he appreciates older houses and loves old furniture, so in the process of showing him the property we had some nice talks about old "stuff."

I was hoping to go to the monthly All-Day Sew with Loose Threads, the local quilting guild, but after the appraisal, all I had time for was to run over there for the pot-luck lunch, help them do dishes afterward and then come home and work some more. I still have hopes to sew tonight. You'll notice that there was no Finished by Friday yesterday, for the second week in a row. I'd like to finish a sundress for Lil Miss A, at least.

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Connie said...

Ahh, the power of paint! In my mind, the quickest and least expensive way to completely change the feel of a room.

I'd rhapsodize more about how I love paint, but I've been painting all week, and quite frankly I hurt everywhere. I have just enough strength to put in my work hours today.