Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Got the blahs.

Got lots of stressors at the moment, the kind that you just can't blog about. :o) Things seem in flux, unsettled. I'm losing track of details in my attempt to keep the big picture in sight; for example, I forgot my son's orthodontist appointment this morning, for the second time, and his orthodontist's office staff is out of patience with me. Plus it's hard to settle down and earn the money we need to keep up with financial stuff.

Partly I'm just really tired out from New Albin Days, even though I didn't do a quarter as much as most of the others on the committee did. I am trying to give myself the slack to rest and recover from that, yet there are all these other things that need to be done!

So I post light-hearted blog posts in an attempt to keep up my own spirits. Sort of whistling past the graveyard. As long as I look happy and sound happy, everything will BE happy. Right?


StitchinByTheLake said...

I once heard a motivational speaker say, "fake it till you can make it." Her point was if you say you're fine often enough you will begin to believe it yourself and you will become fine. There's something to be said for that. However, women are terrible at cutting themselves some slack. It's ok to be blah some days. It's ok to sit and read magazines some days. It's ok to feel sorry for yourself some days. The thing about pity partys, though, is that nobody comes and there are no refreshments. :) When I need a pity party I just sit down and have one, but I put a time limit on it. The party is: 2:00-4:00. Or whatever. And when time's up, time's up. I get up and shake it off and go on. Try it. It works for me! Blessings, marlene

Mrs. Mac said...

Watch the movie Pollyanna ;) fix yourself a nice bubble bath and have a spot of tea or wine. A nice good soak seems to wash away the cares of the world ... now go try it!

Catherine said...

You need to take some time for yourself and I believe the other commentors have very good ideas. I know, sometimes not easy to do. It took me 30 years to treasure myself. I`m a giver, caretaker type and I now take time for me because I`m important too.

I hope you try what the other ladies said.