Friday, July 11, 2008

Good Morning!

The Jeep just pulled away with Barry and Master K, off for an interesting day (or two interesting days, one each). Barry took the day off to hang out with Medlink, the helicopter ambulance company that serves our area, and hopefully do some ride-alongs. One has mixed feelings about these things: One wants something interesting to happen, but then one doesn't really want anything too interesting to happen to someone's loved one.

Master K is off to spend the day doing yard work for one of the widows in our church. She lives in an amazing house built into the side of a bluff. (And so far it hasn't fallen off in any of the floods.) He decided he wanted to go on a mission trip next year, but didn't know how he would raise the money, and we also wanted to think of a way to help our friend with her yard, so we have hired him to work at her place in return for credit toward his mission trip costs. A win-win-win situation.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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