Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bird Life in the Back Yard

First the happy part:
This rather blurry picture is of a papa robin and his teenaged child. We have been watching them for the past couple of days. Son is nearly the same size as Papa and can fly, yet he follows his Papa around and begs. And Papa keeps falling for it. We make up dialogue for them, like this:
"Dad, gimme forty bucks."
"Sure, Son, here ya go."
"Dad, I need another forty bucks."
"Well, okay, here, but be more thrifty next time."
"Dad, I need another forty bucks. And a worm."

And then, there is this mourning dove. While I was stalking Robin & Son, this dove fell out of a tree and landed right in front of me. I'm not using a telephoto for this shot, I really was just inches away from it. It doesn't try to leave, though it is still alive; its mate is frantic.

There is a thunderstorm on the way; I doubt it will survive.

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