Friday, May 09, 2008

Go, Speed Racer, Go!

While I'm sure Barry would love to see this on opening day, the truth is, we go to a theater to see a movie about once a year, if that, and we used up our 2008 movie-going budget last weekend seeing Iron Man. Maybe it'll play in a few months at the cheap theater. Or maybe we'll just get the DVD. Anyway, Scott Weinberg over at Cinematical absolutely hated it, saying, "Speed Racer looks like a cross between Barry Levinson's Toys, Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy, and Tim Burton on 47 hits of LSD." Monika Bartyzel had nicer things to say about it, although she only saw the first 7 minutes:

I think Barry will love it whenever he gets to see it. And he's drooling over these toys, which I have promised to buy him just as soon as they go on clearance:

Speed Racer slot cars.

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