Friday, May 30, 2008

Finished by Friday: Sorting Out My Patterns

I'm hereby declaring a new meme: Finished by Friday. I don't care what you have finished this week, whether it's something gargantuous, like your PhD dissertation or your mortgage, or something weensy, like, oh, I don't know, maybe completing one block of a quilt that you were stumped on: Whatever it is, if you've finished it this week, let's see it! I need the inspiration. I have many unfinished things in my life and if I just finished one at a time, I'd be much happier.

I'd love to say that my Finished by Friday for today was a quilt top. Not a chance. But what I did accomplish was something I'd been putting off: Getting all my dressmaking patterns into one spot in the house. I had them in a plastic storage tub where they were jammed in and overflowing, plus there were strays all over the house. So now they are neatly sorted into a 2-drawer file cabinet! Yay!

It was a voyage of discovery. Look at some of the goodies I found:

Click on any of them to embiggen them. I love the fluffy little girls' dresses, that blonde in the flip and A-line, and of course the so-sexy plaid pants on Mister Seventies there in the last one.

Okay, so that's the dressmaker pattern situation taken care of. Next is to find where I've stashed all my quilt patterns and tear sheets and get them organized. I was thinking of a 3-ring binder with clear plastic sleeves. Think that'll work?


Mrs. Mac said...

I threw out all of my old patterns before we moved ;( My 'finished by Friday' ... I finished mowing the lawn, weed whacking ... reseeding part of the grass that my dog visited ;) ... Mr. Mac is trying to finish up sorting a gazillion papers he's organizing in our office ... maybe next Friday for sure!

a9l3b said...

I love old patterns! They remind me of my Great Grandma, and make me miss her. My finished by Friday has to be finally getting my permit. Took me all week to test for it, and yesterday I finally got it.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I do like this idea! Finished by Friday....I can surely say I've finished something. If I can't maybe it will spur me to get busy. Love the patterns...