Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shallow Thoughts, Now with Smell-O-Vision

Or so I wish. If only you could smell these lilacs! When the breeze blows through town, it picks up lots of flower scents, with lilacs predominating.

The crabapple tree, which Lil Miss A calls "my cranapple tree," is in full bloom, this after it nearly died a couple of years ago. It's so good to see it so well established.

Bleeding Hearts thriving by the pond. They really took off this year.

And we mustn't leave out these: Dandelions. In my neighbor's yard, not mine. Although I have to say I have felt differently about dandelions ever since I learned from a gentleman named Percy Beier, who was once a beekeeper, how thankful he was to see the first dandelions each year, because they provided nectar for his poor, hungry bees early in the springtime, before anything else was blooming.

This one should be titled, "Mommmm! Did you take a picture of me? Whyyyyy? I wasn't ready. I was slouching."

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