Thursday, May 08, 2008

Feeling a little smug at the moment.

Springtime is so energizing! Plus my house gets about 800 square feet bigger every spring, when the two porches become comfortably warm. (They make excellent walk-in freezers for much of the year.) So I'm sorting things out, most notably fabric and sewing notions, and I keep finding projects that I started and haven't finished. Today I finished three of them! It feels so good!

Two projects were replacing zippers, which I really hate doing so it's easy to put off indefinitely. First were two sofa cushions that were gifts from my friend whom you may know as Pakameristanican, the Blogger Who Doesn't Blog But Still Faithfully Visits Her Friends' Blogs. She had never seen our home before, but she arrived with a gift that was just perfect - so perfect that we used the colors in the pillows to decorate our front 3 rooms, which all flow into each other.

We picked up the deep brick red for the living room, the olive green for the whatever-the-room-is-called-where-the-organ-is and the deep gold for the dining room.

And the other zipper replacement project was this skirt, which I bought on eBay from a seller in India, but which arrived with the zipper pre-broken for me. It's so pretty and I can finally wear it.

Another project is scheduled for tomorrow's Post of the Day.

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