Friday, May 16, 2008

Loot Report: Syttende Mai Sales, Spring Grove, Minnesota

Ah, Syttende Mai, how I love you! Spring Grove was at its prettiest today: Brightly colored tulips everywhere, everything green and rainwashed, all the classic cars out being polished, the Amish carriages clipclopping around town... Springtime! Lisa Fruitful and I got a bit of a late start this morning but we still found lots of treasures. Above is a lot of my loot arranged on the couch. Here's a partial list:

  • A vintage baby dress
  • A red-and-white checked Christmas apron
  • A pair of pottery chicken shakers
  • A Spring Grove Homecoming directory from 1997
  • Three Spring Grove Soda bottles with the fired-on labels
  • A little Fire-King Philbe covered casserole
  • A "Wagner's" Sidney frying pan, very nice
  • A doll suitcase
  • About 30 years' worth of Syttende Mai admission buttons (in that Cool Whip container there)
  • A beautiful vintage dresser mirror for Miss A's dresser
  • A couple of hardcover books by John Grisham and Tony Hillerman
  • A big wonderful box of miscellaneous junk for a buck
  • Some beautiful old hand-embroidered linens
  • Seven pieces of Blue Ridge China
  • A picture frame that I think I can make look more vintage than it already does

This neat wicker hamper with a cracked-ice vinyl top, in great shape, made in Burlington, Iowa (could use a repainting)

Christmas china, service for eight!

Vintage wooden lawn chairs. There's a third chair but its canvas is rotten. I love these, and best of all, they were just a buck apiece.

A box of hinges. I'll either use 'em when we do our kitchen, or sell 'em.

A beautiful Startex fruit print tablecloth that was a freebie thrown into the hamper. Same with the fabric below. That tannish, stripey piece is linen, I think. It's airing out on the line because it smelled kind of smoky; same with the hamper.

And the best saved for last: A Winnebago basket with tons of color! They used vegetable dyes that fade with exposure to sunlight. All my Winnebago baskets are faded on the outsides. This one is still vibrant and colorful. I bought it to keep, but the more I think about it, the more I think I'll sell it.

Not pictured are two grocery bags of clothes for Lil Miss A which cost me a whopping twelve bucks. I love garage sales! Usually I can sell a few things and end up paying for the goodies I keep. Usually.

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