Saturday, May 03, 2008

St. Peter's Cemetery clean-up day

The winter was a hard one -- hard on people, hard on trees, hard on animals. Our cemetery was really showing it, too. We had... let me see... at least 4 winter interments this year and the ground was all torn up from the grave-digging equipment. Also the poor hungry deer had eaten the bottom 4 feet or so of the arbor vitae trees that stand sentinel around the cemetery, and the trees were looking very shabby.

A few brave souls ventured forth this morning in driving wind, off-and-on rain and temps in the mid 40s to clean it up. Their efforts were rewarded, as eventually things cleared off and dried up until it was just good working weather - dry, not too hot.

They groomed the fresh graves, filled in divots from the heavy equipment, and they trimmed ALL the trees, removing the bottom dead limbs. The trees actually look better than they did pre-deer-dinner! You can see the grave markers much better now.

Workers were Wendell and Marilyn Wild, Gene Maurer, Barry Fruechte, Wayne Meyer and Barry and I and our son.

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