Sunday, May 18, 2008

Helping in Postville (You Don't Have to be Catholic)

I was rather discouraged this morning by how my blog has been perceived... as anti US Government, apparently. I'm pro US Government. I'm anti Homeless Hungry Children. I'm anti Splitting Up Families. I'm anti Breaking the Law but I am pro Mercy to Sinners.

Anyway, I did a quick blog search to see if I am truly alone in the world, and found out I am not.

The Lutherans (ELCA) Help: Lutheran Staff Blog
Members of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Postville, Iowa, are responding to the needs of people who have been affected by a May 12 federal immigration raid at a Postville meat processing plant..., said the Rev. Stephen P. Brackett, St. Paul Lutheran Church....

Church members and others in the community have stepped in to help family members who were not arrested but affected, Brackett said.... Brackett estimated that as many as 30 members of St. Paul are helping out at St. Bridget's by providing and serving food, providing clothing, helping with sleeping arrangements, tutoring students and reading to younger children. Also helping out at St. Bridget's are several students from Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, one of 28 ELCA colleges and universities, he said.... A nearby Presbyterian church is housing a few people.... The synod is working with the local Catholic diocese to assist at St. Bridget's, Ullestad said. The synod's greatest concerns are keeping families together, providing for their needs and making sure children are safe, he said....

Bishop Gregory V. Palmer of the United Methodist Church speaks:
We are called to stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers [...] whose lives were disrupted today... and who are facing... likely separation from their... loved ones. It is our belief that we are all deeply connected to one another through Christ without regard to one’s nationality or legal status...

A (liberal) Jewish website speaks up: It's Our Turn to Help

The Rubashkin’s raid made big news earlier in the week.... But, now, it’s time to help. With hundreds of worker’s [sic] arrested, thousands of their family members are now in limbo. They have no money, no income, and no resources. They are frightened to apply for work, frightened to go shopping, and their kids aren’t going to school. Charities in Postville are pitching and do what they can to help these people, and unfortunately not-surprisingly, Agriprocessors isn’t helping out. I don’t often ask people to give tzedakah, and if I do, it’s a casual request. This is different. Anyone who has ever eaten kosher meat in this country has benefited from the hard, poorly compensated work these people have done, and now that they are in desperate need it is our turn to help....

Agriprocessors might be a large, unscrupulous company, but to these people, it represents one thing - Judaism. Please give. Please write a letter thanking them. Please let them know that you care.

Finally, here are two blog posts that I thought worth referencing.
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