Monday, May 12, 2008

Okay, so I missed a day.

But it was Mother's Day, and being with my Mom, and being a Mom, was more important than blogging. Okay?

I was going to take a picture of what I made for our moms but didn't get around to it. I made them each a big, sturdy tote bag with bluebirds on it. I used 20-inch tapestry pillow panels, one per bag, with the rest of it dark blue cotton duck from the good people at James Thompson. I imagined my mom hauling everything she owns to church with hers each week (they are pretty much responsible for everything at Beth Immanuel) and my mother-in-law happily hauling booty around the flea markets in hers (she's a great flea market shopper). I feel a special challenge to keep up with my sister, who quilts like nobody's business, and my sister-in-law, who does all kinds of crafty stuff. They are always coming up with thoughtful handmade gifts. I'm not really even in their league, but hey, I made tote bags!

My mom and dad drove down to visit with us for Mother's Day and took us out to lunch at Little Miami in Freeburg, MN. Most of the food was good. Mom's cod had an off flavor, sadly, but the rest of us enjoyed our lunches. My dad and I both ordered prime rib sandwiches which turned out to be about a half a cow on slices of toast (we each had one, so that was one whole cow between the two of us). Really tasty! Really BIG!

We relaxed around the house all afternoon. I made a cute sundress from pre-shirred fabric for Little Miss A. Then after the kids were asleep we grown-ups stayed up and watched Good Night Mister Tom from Netflix.

Now it's Monday. Back to reality, back to work.

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